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From: Neil Robins

Easy Marketing Group

Dear fellow entrepreneur,

I'm sure you've heard the term "Squeeze Page" before.  Squeeze pages seem to be taking the net by storm these days... AND for very good reason...

Plain and simple... They Make You Money!

Used Properly They Make You Lots of Money!

And once they're setup... they keep making money over and over... with little or no additional effort (but more on that in a moment).  The truth is...

"If You're Not Using

"Grab Your Customer By The Eyeballs"

Type Of Squeeze Page On Your Website... Then There's No Doubt Whatsoever That You're Leaving Thousands Of Dollars In Extra Profits On The Table Each Month"

Until now... these little nuggets would've cost you a pretty penny to get professionally designed and setup - THE RIGHT WAY!

Think about it...

A professionally designed squeeze page can cost $$$ just for the graphic design alone (if you want it done right)...  And you definitely need a top-notch, professional design....

Looking like an amateur online is a surefire way to bankrupt your business in the quickest timeframe possible!

Then, add into the price the hire of a good copywriter (anywhere from $500 to $1500 to write the type of content you need that grabs opt-in subscribers) and.... well, you get the picture there....

PLUS... many times do you just want to test a few niches to see if any fish are biting.  Can you really afford to dish out $1000 or more.... Just to test?

Now you don't have to spend $1000 or more to have a professionally designed squeeze page that grabs subscribers and converts them into CASH... each and every month!

Just look at everything you'll be using within minutes when you unlock your copy of our "Squeeze Page Profits"

Profit System Part 1


Squeeze Page Profits

In this package you'll receive four professionally designed and optimized squeeze pages.   These are all setup and ready for you to just add your content.

And best of all, what makes this combo squeeze page pack so amazing is... the way the pages have been designed and setup.

You'll never have to worry about editing any graphics on these pages!

These pages were professionally designed with the NOVICE (as well as the professional) in mind!

Take a look at the four squeeze page templates below.  Keep in mind that the links below are simply "Images" of the actual squeeze page templates you'll receive in your package (and not the actual page templates themselves).

Nice huh?   Go take a closer look by clicking on the Template number!

All you'll need to do, is open one of the templates in your favorite web authoring program like FrontPage or Dreamweaver, or the free Nvu.com... edit the text, add your autoresponder form in the opt-in box provided... and that's it...  your job is done!

Every Single Page Element - Even The

Attractive Headlines & Links - Are All

Simple, Editable Text!


You can instantly have NOT ONE... NOT TWO, but FOUR uniquely different  "professional" squeeze pages working for you 24/7 pulling in subscribers. 

More importantly, they adaptable to any niche... any product... any membership site.  The list goes on and on!

These templates were designed to be as generic as possible yet ultra-attractive and powerful enough in appearance to get the job done right. 

No matter what niche you're in... these gems can instantly be unique to your niche  - -  your business!

Profit System Part 2


"Squeeze Page

Insider's Guide"

In this condensed - NO Fluff - report you'll discover

The Top 10 Stupid Mistakes

...most Internet Marketers make regarding their squeeze pages. 

And what you must do every time to guarantee your optin success!


Now, when you unlock your copy of the entire "Squeeze Page Profits"... not only will you have FOUR professional squeeze page designs (saving you $200-$400 each) but you'll also have the "insider knowledge" you need to make these pages pull in CASH - hand over fist - saving you 1000's in copywriting fees!

You've heard the statement before... "The Money Is In The List"... right?  Well this module - the

"Squeeze Page Insider's Guide"

 - is going to reveal to you step-by-step how to suck in eager subscribers... then turn those subscribers into loyal customers - earning you huge monthly profits... over and over again.

Here's just a few of the strategies you'll discover in the "Squeeze Page Insider's Guide"...

  • How your squeeze page headline needs to be written to entice every visitor to op-tin to your list (and it's not what you might typically think).
  • Where your opt-in form should be located on your squeeze page to pull in the most subscribers (and how many forms should be placed on your page for maximum results).
  • The simple two step formula the top "gurus" use to create urgency in their opt-in offers (don't do this and you'll lose up to 47% of your leads instantly).
  • The one critical mistake most marketers make when adding any sales copy to a squeeze page (and what you should NEVER do to your own page).
  • The ONE highly-overlooked page element every squeeze page must incorporate if you really want to make BIG MONEY from your opt-in subscribers.
  • And so much more...

So... How much is the complete

"Squeeze Page Profits"

package going to cost me Neil?

Right now... for a limited time... you can grab "The Squeeze Page Profits" complete with four pre-built, professionally designed squeeze page templates


The "Squeeze Page Insider's Guide"

for the incredibly low price of just $39.97.

But Wait... You Can Save Over 50% Today!

As part of a special marketing promotion, if you're one of the next 50 22 customers who order, I'll instantly knock an additional $20 off the purchase price today! 

That means you can unlock your very own copy of the "Squeeze Page Profits" right now for the never before seen low, low price of just $19.97.

But wait... we're not finished yet!

You'll Also Receive Much More Than Just A Professionally Designed Graphics Package

But let's start there...

You're going to receive each cover in three distinct sizes (Small, Medium and Large).  Also included is a "grouped image". 

Also in the package... the PSD Photoshop Source Files for all graphic designs.

Plus you will receive a copy of this sales page... just add your name  and your own payment link.  This is a professionally designed, professionally written sales page that's included in your PLR package.  It's a "top-shelf" design and we're even throwing in a few extra goodies like: 

  •  testimonial boxes
  • a "Guarantee" box
  • screenshots (and full-size linked images) of the actual squeeze pages included in Part 1. 

Have you never personalized a website before?  Don't have a payment processor yet?  Easy!  Check out our bonus "Personalize & Publicize" Guide which leads you easy step-by-step through to having your new business up on the world wide web!

So... what else is included?... 

You'll also receive the source Word.doc file for the "Squeeze Page Insiders Guide"

You can edit it any way you'd like, add your name as the author, add to the content to make it even more unique and informative.... the choice is yours. 

This is a 9 page condensed guide explaining the importance of list building and how to setup a proper squeeze page to ensure maximum subscriber rates.  

And then, we shouldn't forget your "Private Label Rights" Licence.  You get to personalize your copy of this page and the "Squeeze Page Insider's Guide" and put them up on the internet as your very own business. 

In fact, if you decide to just add your name and your payment link and get it up on the internet, you could be earning dollars within minutes!  Have it up there earning for you, while you set to and start using your new squeeze pages on others of your sites. 

And... just think... one sale and you'll have your small investment back!

Okay Neil... I'm very interested!  How much are the exclusive Private Label Rights to this amazing "Squeeze Page Profits" package going to cost me now that you've added all these unbelievable bonuses & extras?

First... let's take a CONSERVATIVE look at the pricing if you were to purchase everything separately:

Four pre-built, fully editable, customizable Squeeze Page Templates $400.00
This professionally designed sales page template up to $300.00
Professionally written sales letter up to $1000.00
A professionally written 9 page guide with e-cover graphics in three sizes, plus grouped products  Minimum $150.00
Software box cover for Module1 of the "Squeeze Page Profits" in three sizes (sm, med, lg) $50
The Private Label Rights to the entire system allowing you to put your name as the owner and author and resell for 100% of the profits. at least $300.00

What if I told you that it's your lucky day!  I mean it!

We've discussed this inhouse and we've agreed that, for the first 50 purchasers, there's no extra to pay to have the Private Label Rights and the website.  And the Bonuses! 

How good is that!  All for only $19.97!  But... be quick.  Don't miss out.

And before I forget... we always provide a full guarantee with all of our products.  Here's yours...

Our 100%

"Take It To The Bank"

Money Back Guarantee!

  During the next sixty days... if you find that these brilliant Squeeze Pages aren't working for you, then a quick email will have your money on its' way straight back to you.

That's our 100% Money Back Guarantee!


That's it!  One of the best packages we've put together!  Your ultimate success now depends on you! 

Take action today and unlock your very own copy of the "Squeeze Page Profits".   Just click the link below to be downloading within minutes! 

Don't forget... all four pre-built squeeze page templates are so easy to edit even a 5 year old could do it!  That's the beauty of this system.  We've done the work for you.  All that's left is profit!

To your absolute internet success,

Neil Robins


One of the products & services from

The Easy Marketing Group

P.S. With the incredible discount and complete system we're offering you, you simply can't fail.  Take a test drive today and see for yourself the amazing results you can achieve using the powerful squeeze page secrets we've revealed.  Every site you own should have a squeeze page attached to it, offering them something for free that they're willing to give you their contact details for.

P.P.S.  Don't forget those three fantastic bonuses.  Step by step to personalizing your new business and getting it up on the net!  And you'll never startup a new site without first completing your Project Workbook.

P.P.P.S.  You have our 100% Money Back Guarantee.  You have no risk whatsoever to your purchase... any risk is entirely ours!

Just think... you can sell the "Squeeze Page Profits" course today... then turn around and sell the PLR to the entire system next week and easily TRIPLE your profits!

We've designed all the graphics and written this sales page for you.  Now you just need to set everything into motion ;-) 

Your Thought For Today...

The Internet Belongs To Those That Make Decisions...

and Then Take Action!

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